Install BestAzon On Your Website

Put this little piece of code on your site, and all your Amazon links will magically convert to Global Amazon Links - takes 2 minutes!

Step 2: Please copy the following code (required)

Copy and paste this code into your pages. Click anywhere on the box below to copy:

 var BestAzon_Configuration = {
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_US": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_CA": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with yourAssociate ID for
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_GB": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_DE": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with yourAssociate ID for Amazon.De
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_FR": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for Amazon.Fr
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_ES": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for Amazon.Es
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_IT": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for Amazon.It
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_JP": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with yourAssociate ID for Amazon.JP
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_IN": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for Amazon.In
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_CN": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_MX": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with yourr Associate ID for
 "Amzn_AfiliateID_BR": "Associate_ID", //Replace "Associate_ID" with your Associate ID for
 "Conf_Custom_Class": " BestAzon_Amazon_Link ", //enter if you'll like to add any CSS class to the Amazon links (can be used for styling)
 "Conf_New_Window": "1", //enter "1" if you'll like to open Amazon links in new window (recommended), "2" to force open in the same window, keep blank if you'd use the defaults
 "Conf_Link_Follow": "1", //enter "1" if you'll like to add no-follow to the Amazon links (recommended), "2" to not add no-follow
 "Conf_Product_Link": "1", //enter "1" if you'll like to redirect international visitors to equivalent search page on local Amazon stores (recommended and fast), "2" if you want them to go to equiavalent product page (slow)
 "Conf_Tracking": "1", //enter "1" if you'll like to enable tracking (useful to optimize the service to you), "2" to disable
 "Conf_Footer": "1", //enter "1" to add credit in footer (recommended), "2" to disable
 "Conf_Link_Keywords": "", //enter additional keywords - if any of these keywords is found in any URL on your site, that will be sent to Bestazon for localization (useful if you use short links like bitly to hide your affiliate links). E.g. enter "/amazon/" if all your Amazon links containt the string /amazon/
 "Conf_Hide_Redirect_Link": "1" //enter "1" to not replace your original link with bestazon links (recommended), "2" if you want to replace (not recommended)
 "Conf_Source": "BestAzonScript" //DO NOT CHANGE THIS
 <script src=""></script>

Step 3: (Required) Please paste the copied code on your website

This code should be inserted at the very end of all your pages, just before the tag. The most effective way to achieve that is to add it to your site's template in the footer, or just before </body> tag

Hover on the icon below if you want to get specific instructions for popular platforms

Step 4: (Optional) Check your BestAzon Installation

Please enter URL above to check if BestAzon is successfully installed

Get BEstAzon Plugin For Wordpress

Install BestAzon Plugin on your Wordpress site - all your Amazon links will be automaticaly conveted to Global Amazon links. Manage your affiliate IDs from the Admin panel!

You will be sent to your wordpress admin (may need password if you are not logged in). Click the install button on bottom right.

Didn't work? Why not try these 3 other ways to install BestAzon for Wordpress

BestAzon WebService To Localize Amazon Links

You can programatically rewrite your Amazon URLs as below and redirect all your visitors clicking to the links to their respective local Amazon stores (along with your affiliate ID)


Field Type Description Optional/Required
destURL string encoded Amazon URL (of any Amazon store) - this can be an Amazon link, or a link, or any other redirect link (e.g. or a prettylink) Required
Amzn_AfiliateID_US String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_CA String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_GB String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_DE String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_FR String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_ES String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_IT String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_JP String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_IN String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_CN String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_MX String Affiliate ID for Optional
Amzn_AfiliateID_BR String Affiliate ID for Optional
Country String 2 letter (ISO Alpha-2) Country code (if available) Optional

Webservice Output

  • The visitor will be forwarded to an equivalent URL on local Amazon store in his country
  • All URLs will include your Affiliate IDs (if provided in the parameters)
  • If the visitor is from a country that does not have a local Amazon store (e.g. Norway), the user will be directed to the nearest Amazon store (e.g. Germany))

Key Terms and Conditions

We provide the service to redirect your visitors to their local Amazon stores so that you can provide them with better experience, while making global commissions from the international visitors. Pretty sweet deal – huh? Below are some things you should know:

  • Our service is independent and is not affiliated with Amazon in any way, shape or form. Any impression you might have got otherwise is inaccurate
  • This service is provided on best effort basis – while most of the times, this service should be able to detect the visitor country and redirect them to the right local store, it may not work all the time. We expect the accuracy to be more than 99%, but there is a small chance that the visitor redirect may not happen as expected.
  • This service relies on open source and free to use resources to a large extent. To cover for the costs we do incur, we will use our ID if you don’t specify one for a certain Amazon store for the country the visitor is from. Also, we will use our Affiliate ID for 3 out of every 100 Amazon clicks we redirect.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with Amazon’s T&C. While we try our best to ensure the service complies with Amazon Associate terms, you should do your independent validation and use the service only if you are satisfied.
  • Finally, we accept no responsibility for any loss (financial or otherwise) you incur as a result of using our service. We hate to put this bit of legalese, but someone wise said its important!